Primetime World Premiere – 7.21.21

Kwame Q “Trivia Night”

Pax: @MaryAnne @Chowdah @Timeshare @Lone Star @MapQuest @Heidi @Snooki @Soul Glo @Rudolph and @Free Fallin

QIC: @kwame

Warmarama: explained that in honor of both lone star and time share forgoing their normal Wednesday trivia night, that we would bring trivia night to them!!!

The Thang: As we ran through the neighborhoods around Longview we went through three categories, 4 questions each in Sports (sorry @Rudolph ), movies, and lastly F3 Lexicon! I was even able to throw in a joke at @Three’s Company ‘s expense, so all was good. To answer questions you simply had to run at the Q’s left, right, in front or behind, as each question was multiple choice. When you added up the points (on the honor system) it turns out that @Heidi was our trivia champ- well played sir!

Announcements: check slack- the usual, nothing new to announce.

Prayer requests: job interview tomorrow for @2Buck, on Monday for @Veronica, health for all doing the bourbon chase as we begin our 12-week training plan this week.

Moleskin: it’s never too late to make a connection with people. I told the story of my mom’s boyfriend- he had little to no connection with his kids in the last 30+ years, and with the encouragement of my mom he has overcome that fear of rejection by his two children, and now has the start of a relationship with them, communicating by phone with each of them once a week. He’s about 70 years old and his kids are grown, but his ability to connect just inspires me. It’s never too late. I encourage the pax to reach out to that person, whether it’s family, friends, etc and just extend the olive branch. You just may change someone’s life for the positive.

It was an honor snd a privilege to lead you men tonight. Thank you for coming out to the debut of #ao-primetime- let’s do it again soon!


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