The TRAPP – 7.15.21

Super late backblast edition
13 HIM went out for a run to get stronger. @Winger @Peewee @oscarmeyer @Tijuana @Blackout @Chowdah @Billy Madison @Cross-Stitch @Paperboy @ToeJam @Procter @Pancreas and YHC (@bogo)
We started out with an American heritage run around the field, and up the gravel road to sunrise hill. There we found a young couple who looked very pleased to be interrupted. Oh well. At this point I announce that we’re doing Pain Camels (full name: Peewee’s Pain Camels) which is running down the back of sunrise hill, up the service road to the water tower, and then back. Rinse and repeat for about 30 minutes and then American heritage run back to the parking lot. Here we did about 5 minutes of Mary. I forget who called it out, but Moroccan Night Clubs is the weirdest Mary I’ve ever done.
The exercises picked today were intentional. F3 has a mission to advance male leadership, and encourage leadership rotations to foster that. The American heritage run is a great example of rotating leaders in for a time to let them grow, and accelerate the group in the process!
The next exercise was Peewee’s Pain Camel. For those who don’t know, peewee once said that TRAPP was his easy day. I don’t recommend doing that.
I chose both of these exercises in honor of me rotating TRAPP site Q to a fantastic HIM, Peewee. Peewee has been a strong PAX: physically, mentally, and emotionally. I’m excited to see how he accelerated this group!
  • Sign up to Q! Reach out to the site Q for an AO and get on the list!
  • Peewee taking over as site Q for the TRAPP
  • Billy Madisons daughter struggling with anxiety and fitting in
  • ToeJam pregnant wife
  • Chowah wife struggling with lupus
  • I apologize there were probably a few others I forgot to record.
BOGO out

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