Proving Grounds – 7.22.21

10 PAX formed an emergency response team to prevent certain doom from falling upon the Proving Grounds: @Night Light@Hot N Ready@Heidi, @ChessClub, @Hot Mic@Soul Glo@Dizzy Gillespie@Veronica@Kwame, and YHC (@rudolph).
  • Nuclear reactor on the brink of a meltdown. We are here to save the day.
  • A meltdown can be prevented using a combination of water and boron control rods.
  • Prepare for action (warmup).
Equipment Check
  • Fill up buckets at the creek. They must remain 2/3 full.
  • Acquire boron rods (logs) once we cross the creek.
  • Carry the rods and the water to the nuclear reactor to prevent a meltdown
  • The boron rods are toxic and can only be safely handled using your boron-resistant gloves (no shoulders or head)
Any time the Q calls “Inspect!“, face a piece of equipment and inspect it by doing the following:
  • 20 merkins
  • 20 squats
  • 20 big boy sit-ups
Any time the Q calls “Test!“, perform a durability test with the gear by doing the following:
  • Push the rods while bear crawling
  • Hold the water buckets in an Al Gore
After arriving at the reactor, deploy the rods and water by doing the following:
  • Place all boron rods into the reactor
  • Dump all water directly onto the reactor core
  • Celebrate by doing 50 burpees
Mosey back to COT and mary for the last 5 minutes. Time!
  • Upcoming Qs include @Heidi at Darkhorse, @Hot Mic at Armory, @O’Douls at Proving Grounds, and @Veronica’s VQ at Murph Monday.
  • T-claps to @Night Light for sweating pure America (see pics)
Prayer Requests
  • @2Buck and @Veronica’s interviews
  • @Baby Gap back from deployment soon
Moleskin: Discontent
“Discontent is the force that makes us search persistently for an answer to our deepest aspirations. The experience of difficulty invites us to turn to God, seeking a strength beyond our habitual reserves. Once our prayer is answered, we can never quite accept again that reality is limited to our comprehension. The intense experience of help sought and obtained may pass, but a residue remains. We never quite forget the experience of which the Psalmist wrote: “To the Lord in my tribulation I cried out, and he heard me” (Psalm 120:1). The urgency passes, the anguish fades, and the need for God recedes from the foreground of our thoughts. Yet a fragment lodges somewhere.”
— Toward God: The Ancient Wisdom of Western Prayer, by Michael Casey

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