Primetime – 9.29.21

5 PAX logged some miles tonight at #ao-primetime: @Kwame’s Evil Twin@Snooki@Danica, @FrenchDip (FNG ), and Q @Roudolph.
  • Thang: We ran in a big circle
  • Announcements: See Slack
  • Prayer Requests
  • @Kwame’s Evil Twin’s 2.0 struggling with food allergies.
  • @FrenchDip’s dad is starting therapy. Prayers that he will be open to continuing.
  • Moleskin: Loneliness
  • “God gave us loneliness so we would seek out relationship. Loneliness is a feeling that speaks to our deep hunger to belong and be known. We are often embarrassed or ashamed, or we believe there’s something wrong with us for experiencing loneliness. In truth, loneliness is the gift that speaks to how much is right with us while also pointing to how much has gone wrong. Because of loneliness, we inescapably desire relationship with ourselves, others, and God. Loneliness also points to how often we distance ourselves from all three forms of relationship.”  —The Voice of the Heart by Chip Dodd

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