Primetime – 1.05.22

6 HIM grabbed some popcorn and laced up for another night of #Primetime.@Rudolph@Kwame’s Evil Twin@Fertile Myrtle@Danica@Snooki and QiC @MapQuest
Disclaimer, F3 principles, and credo
The Thang
A 4.5 mile loop (dubbed the Thigh Master, check Strava to know) was our mission.  Longview to Duplex, Duplex to Portview, Portview to Stewart Campbell, up Wall Street past The Border, and up Commonwealth back to Longview.  We had 4 minutes to spare when we arrived back so a stroll around the parking lot until time allowed most PAX to clock an even 5 miles.    It felt great to be out there!  Great job to all men!
  • #beaconhill this Friday.  The Cavalry will be closed this time to allow more men to attend BH.
  • Fellowship of the M’s kicks off January 20th.  Check the #m channel for more details.
  • @Kwame’s Evil Twin shared more info about Re-engage, a marriage course put on by a local church. He’ll post more details on slack.
  • @Danica’s M’s parents heading back to Guatemala today. For safe travels.
  • @Fertile Myrtle with workload and year-end tasks.  The weather is making it difficult to stay on schedule.
  • @Kwame’s Evil Twin navigating to Memphis on Thursday.  Safe travels in the wintery conditions.
Last year I introduced my kids to a documentary called Free Solo.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it to all PAX.  You can find it on Prime.  It follows one man, Alex Honnold, on his journey as he sets out to rock climb Yosemite’s rock of all rocks, El Capitan, a 3,200 foot beast of pure granite.  But the miraculous part
isn’t that he climbed this mountain and made it to the top (because many have and many still do today), but the mind blowing aspect is that he did so 100% free solo, meaning he climbed El Capitan without a rope, harness, or any safety equipment.  The only man to ever do so.  One misstep and he would have fallen to his death.  Additionally, he made it to the top in 3hrs and 56min.  Where we most climbers it can take them a couple of days. If you haven’t watched this documentary, do yourself a favor and watch. There are 5 leadership principles that I pulled from it that I feel we can all learn from, and even apply to our own daily lives.  With F3, our careers, etc.  Here is what we can learn from Alex’s great achievement:
  1. Define the goal: Pinpoint the goal(s) you want to accomplish, and pursue them with purposeful determination. Alex made this goal (climbing El Capitan free solo) his number one mission.  He was specific about it and he became laser focused on it.
  2. Prepare for the physical and mental: Accomplishments are often more about your preparation than the actual performance.
  1. Alex actually climbed El Capitan more than 50 times before his free solo climb, but each time before was with a rope and safety harness.  Each of his 50 climbs were purposeful training routines, learning each nook and cranny of that rock so he could be prepared for his free solo climb.
  2. Train for the physical and mental aspect of the challenge.  If you aren’t physically ready, no amount of mental gymnastics will get you through it.  At the same time, if you aren’t mentally ready and in a healthy state of mind, even the most physically fit person in the world can’t get through either.  Practice creates confidence and mental preparedness.
  1. Allow others to help:  Bring others into your circle that help you prepare.  Self-reflect and consult with other professionals and teammates to make sure you are in the right state of mind, and progressing well toward success.  Have them help you by speaking into your approach and strategy.
  2. Know your limits:  Acknowledge your fears and be respectful of the limits of your comfort zone.  Alex actually bailed on his first attempt of the free solo climb about 6 months prior.  While he was embarrassed that he didn’t make it, he also knows that he just wasn’t feeling it that day and that recognition probably saved his life that day.
  3. Seek mastery, not luck: Often times we think we can just wing it, but instead you must be intentional about pursuing excellence.  Especially massively hard things.
Look back at your 2022 goals that you just created and see how these 5 principles can help you on your journey.  Now go get em’!SYITG

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