Op’s FOP – 7.08.2020

10 showed up to get up close and personal with the Field of Pain (name by @Heidi)
PAX: @Tiny Dancer, @Heidi, PeeWee, @Foosball, @Dizzy Gillespie, @Joey Freshwater, @Cosmo, @Toastmaster, @Hot N Ready
QIC: @Operation
Mountain climbers, squats, merkins, stretches
Burpee Dan (that’s 4 lunges, one burpee) across the field from parking lot to postal office.
Atomic Crawl (from a plank, jump feet to hands, then walk hands forward back to plank. Like the atomic part of an atomic merkin) across the field from the front of the park to the “Christmas tree”. This was a slog. There’s so much field going that way!
At the Christmas tree, we unwrapped the wonderful gift of a crawl bear up the hill to the walking path.
Back to the middle of FOP, everyone in a line while PAX went two at a time duck walking to a bench and back. While they did that, other PAX did Hi Taps / Lo Taps.
Ended with some rapid fire sets of Mary and a few HRBRBs.
Be on the lookout for Crucible planning.
Franklin’s Warpath this Saturday, or @Cosmo’s Q at Armory for the sane of us.
Prayer requests
TD found out his uncle passed away the night before.
In our neighborhood, the Klope family; Megan has been fighting illness and was hospitalized this week, while they have nieces and nephews in their house who lost their own mother two weeks ago.
To be honest, I almost bailed last minute on this Q. I got 2 hours of sleep the night before. But this week, I needed this challenge and this group more than I needed that sleep. Still haven’t caught up on that sleep, but it feels good to feel sore.
Don’t underestimate what just showing up can do.
Op out

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