Cosmo’s Super Hits of the 90’s – 7.11.2020

PAX: @Toastmaster, @Lone Star, @Heidi, @Ron Swanson, @Dizzy Gillespie, @Gecko, @Bogo, @Pee Wee, @Joey Freshwater, @Rudolph (FNG), @Spit Valve (FNG).
QIC: @Cosmo
Mosey to flag for some good deep stretches for about 5 mins. Then Caterpillar Run on the long route back to parking lot.
We needed to get our DeLorean to 88mph to go back on time so we did 88s: 
11 pushups then sprint down parking lot, Iron Mikes while waiting for the Six. 8 reps.
Uh Oh! Cosmo messed up the flux capacitor so we only went back to the 90s with Cosmo’s killer playlist (despite criticisms from @Bogo and @Heidi who obviously don’t know good music)

The 90s
AMRAP an exercise for 90 seconds with 30 second cooldown then back at it. We did…
Squats, Burpees, American Hammers, Low Plank (thanks for the inspo @Dizzy Gillespie!), overhead presses, War Hammers, Alabama Prom Dates, Iron Mikes, SSHs, Al Gores, Superman Merkins, Flutter Kicks, LBCs, Long Jumps, and ended with Wind Sprints.
Mary was playing the 90s Classic Tubthumping by Chumbawumba. High knees until you hear “I get knocked down,” which means do a burpee!
At that, the Q called time and we returned to the year 2020.
Crucible on August 1st. @Pancreas is organizing a get together for folks to brainstorm and hash out final details. Gave our new FNGs some sick new names and shared our AO schedule. @Heidi has Q at Fort Pain on Weds and @Pancreas has the Q at Armory next weekend.
Prayer Requests: Guidance and wisdom in our marriages, continued healing and peace for Klope family, Fred Reyes, and @Bogo’s coworker’s Family. We are all fallible men and we submit ourselves to be better, stronger, and more courageous every day because the only easy day was yesterday.
Lots of laughs today and I loved it! We all earned our donuts this morning and we were all PRIMETIME BABY!!
Cosmo out!

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