TRAPP – 7.09.2020

4 Guerrillas in the Mist ran through the jungle this morning at The TRAPP.
@Three’s Company @PeeWee @Pancreas and FNG Jim, who was another flying EH who I met on the trail at The TRAPP a couple of weeks ago and invited to join us.
Since @Bogo was out clubbing with his children until the wee hours of the morning, we were left without a Q and graciously let Mr. Jim lead the route. CCR played “Run Through the Jungle” as we stayed mostly on the single track through the woods, doing a couple of laps. Then we finished with a hill climb up the gravel hill and all the way to the top of the Grassy Knoll, then back to the cars.

4.53 miles – well done, men!

Something interesting from this morning: when I arrived, the parking lot was pretty full, but only 3 dudes were there for F3. When we arrived at the top to take in the sunrise, there were two groups of high school/college-age kids taking in the scenery and watching the sunrise. The TRAPP is a gem that can be shared, but it was a little surreal…felt a bit like they were crashing our party.

Warpath July 11th
Crucible August 1st
Crucible planning meeting next week
Talked about potential charities or causes we can support

Health: @Lone Star @ragdoll @Aladdin
Wisdom for PeeWee as a parent and for his 2.0s
Healing for our area, nation, and world. F3 men to be salt and light!

SYITG – Pancreas

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