Nashville F3’s 9/11 Tribute Workout – 9.11.2020

I had serious thoughts of “sleeping in” to join y’all, but I managed to make it to Nashville in time to join the convergence. It went about like this:

After a brief Warmorama at 5:15, PAX completed 6.5 trips up and down the Capitol steps (all the way from Rosa Parks to the top) 6:15 cutoff time.
at Rosa Parks: 9 burpees
Mid way up after first set of stairs: 11 iron mikes
At the top: 19 WWI’s
There were plenty including YHC who rucked the whole thing.

We also had young men from 413 strong who participated. Some pushed themselves harder than others, but all worked the entire 60 minutes. One even had a merlot splash!

It was so good to see and catch up with the Nashville guys for the first time since February. We even had an honest and incredibly strengthening 30-minute conversation during coffeteria about the power of prayer and our past and present struggles with pornography. With prayer, discipline, support, and avoiding the near-occasions of sin, we too can be conquerors of this tool of the enemy through Christ!

Crush Friday, gents! Never forget the heroes of 911. Live today in such a way that honors their sacrifice.

TD out.

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