9/11 Tribute Workout – 9.11.2020

6 PAX (including 1 FNG!) came out to #fort-pain during the wee hours for a special 9/11 Tribute Workout.
PAX: @Joey Freshwater, @Rudolph, @Ron Swanson, @Pancreas, and FNG @Chowdah  (Chowdah)
QIC: Heidi
Front/back arm circles
15 SSH
Short mosey around the pain ground
Today's workout was brought to you by the numbers 9, 11, and 412.
On 9/11 there were 412 first responders who lost their lives helping other people (according to wikipedia).  Today's workout was done in honor of their sacrifice.
9 rounds of:
11 Pull-ups
11 Merkins
11 BIg Boy Sit-ups
11 Squats
Then a 412 m Run across the FOP and back
Return to the Pain Ground for 1 final round of
4 Pull-ups
4 Merkins
4 BIg Boy Sit-ups
4 Squats
At this point Pancreas was confuzzled by my Georgia Math, so I'll explain here:
(9 x 11) + 4 = 103 sets of each exercise
103 x 4 exercises = 412
We then moseyed as a group through the woods and up the hill to the Green Monster, where we gathered at the bottom to remember those who rushed up the stairs of the towers in full gear.  We then lunge walked up the Green Monster, and moseyed back to the parking lot for time.
Welcome FNG Brian (Chowdah)!  He was actually first on site today, waiting in the parking lot for the rest of us to show up.  He met Pancreas after The TRAPP yesterday and looked up our workout schedule on the website!
@Three’s Company has his VQ at #the-armory tomorrow!
@Kwame has some kind of crazy 24 hour race planned….
Prayer Requests:
Prayers for the health and safety of the group, and our families.
Today is a day of remembrance.  Each of us can remember exactly where we were when we first heard of the attack on the twin towers.  It is a moment in our lives that we will never forget, nor should we.  Many people lost their lives that day.  Some, just by showing up for work and sitting in their office.  Others, by choosing to run head first into a burning, crumbling building to try to save people's lives.   I've heard it said that a hero is someone who runs towards the danger, when everyone else is running away from it.  That has never been more evident than on 9/11, when 412 heroes paid the ultimate price in service to others.   May we always remember their sacrifice, as well as the continued sacrifices of today's first reponders and military members, who will always run head first into the danger.
SYITG, Heidi

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