Muscle Beach – 5.7.21

PAX: @Joey Freshwater @Rudolph @Pancreas @Three’s Company @Skid Mark @Veronica @Flash Dance @Dippin' Dots @Blue Buffalo @biden @Cosmo @Blackout @Billy Madison @Singlet @Baby Stroller @Churro @Baby Gap @Heidi @Yo-Yo, FNG whose name escapes me, YHC

Disclaimer / water sucks
hamstring stretches
Willie Mays Hays
10 SSH
10 merkins
10 squats

20 merkin buy in

3 min amrap
7 burpees
7 thrusters
3 min
7 bicep curls
7 4 count mountain climbers
25 merkins
3 min
7 WW1's
7 overhead coupon squats
3 min
7 burpees
7 thrusters
30 merkins

Circuit – 2 rounds through 6 stations
1 endorphin with 60lb sandbag
2 bag over shoulders with 55lb sb
1 endorphin with 60lb sb
3 bent over rows with 40lb bag of sand
3 overhead squats with 50lb sand donut
PAX did calisthenics of their own choice while waiting. We had significant logjam and resultant wait time between stations so YHC stopped the evolutions at 2 rounds
exercises while we waited for the 6 to finish 2 rounds: 7 merkins / 7 4 ct flutter kicks IC. They added up.

MSBS (merkins / squats / burpees / squats)
10 reps each in 30 second intervals; every 30 seconds rotate to 10 reps of the next exercise in the order shown in the title)
RNR for roughly 20 minutes straight

AMRAP for 1 min
AMRAP for 1 min
overhead squat hold
AMRAP for ~1 min

HC for Armory tomorrow. Some very generous PAX are actually cooking for you to cap off an incredible, so let them know if you’re going! HC for me!
Murfreesboro’s Saturday AO is launching next Saturday May 15. Show up if you can

My friend’s mother in law who will likely pass away today
@Singlet’s 2.0 who is receiving the Eucharist for the first time this Saturday!
All those who are sick and dying

If something stinks, FIX IT.
The below podcast details Jocko’s visit to an Iraqi family’s home which had a slit trench for human evacuation in their own kitchen. He was incredulous that someone would simply tolerate such living conditions in the modern age despite other seemingly obvious alternatives.
What things are we tolerating in our homes, jobs, and relationships that stink? We are called to “[b]e perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect.” – Matthew 5:48. We are also instruments which God uses for His glory in order to sanctify the temporal order and draw people to Christ. Therefore, question assumptions and seek the truth. Be vigilant, courageous, and quick to excise the things, practices, behaviors, or even people from our lives that prevent us from becoming the man God is calling us to be. This is a difficult and never-ending task, but Christ is with us always!
TD out

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