Armory – 5.8.21

53 PAX Continued to pursue excellence as we bring the first ever F3 Spring Hill Open House Week to an end.
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Welcome FNG!!
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Warm – o – Rama
 – Oldies Partner Up With Newies
 – SHH, Bacs, Bac-Bacs, Merks, WMH, and some other things
 – Mosie Around the loop
 – x2 (Shoulder taps, mountain climbers, plank surrenders, carolina dry docks)

Dora (but no counting)
 – Partner 1 will run loop
 – Partner 2 will work (ea runs 2 laps, until last set)
 – Rd1: Surrenders with jump squat, bear crawl for the 6
 – Rd2: Big boy sit ups, burpee broad jump for the 6
 – Rd3: Burpees, crawl bear for the 6

 – Captain Thors
 – Plank and reach for time

Pancreas Notes:
 – Thank Yous To: Shout out to PAX for their work, the back ops beat downs, Cosmo for the idea of OHW, Lonestar and Prek for the food, Toe Jam for the video
 – Introduced Leadership Team: Pancreas = Nan'Taan, Heidi = First F, Kwame= Second F, Foos = 3rd F, Chowdah = Community Outreach, Cosmo = Commz,  Operation = Weasel Shakerand Site Qs

Prayer Requests:
 – All the moms, Jackie moons friend starting en vitro, stag's back, dip n dots' boss, Mama Juices friend from work, and Ms Piggy

 – You're here for the workouts, thats what brought you to this destination. At some point you'll see there is more to be gained. It will depend on what you put in, but you have the opportunity to change your entire life with this group. With 53 PAX, that is 53 men with families, jobs, children, wives, where the impact will be felt. We are all learning everyday, what F3 offers is a place for you to learn faster, because we have HIM who have been exactly where you are at that very moment and will help guide you. Understand you're more capable than you think, you have untapped leadership you've been to afraid to explore, but you will now and nothing will be the same.

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