Black Ops Kwame Hood Beatdown – 5.06.21

3 HIMs got after it in the sideways rain for a Kwame Hood Beatdown

@Rudolph @Hot Mic and YHC

In a tribute to the May challenge, we crushed 240 merkins, 55 pull-ups and 2.1 miles, and we added in 110 dips, superman bananas, 10 burpees and politician stair climbs, one legged stair hops, cornerback movement drills, and Mary Go Round at the end

I was exhausted after 45 minutes, but Hot Mic and Rudolph rucked 2+ miles to my neighborhood and 2+ miles home afterwards.

Proud to call these men brothers, y’all went beast mode today- great work!
SYITG, Kwame

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