Muscle Beach – 10.08.21

On a crisp Friday morning, 14 HIM showed up at #ao-musclebeach to accelerate.
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Intro and disclaimers
  1. F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.
  2. The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.
  3. I am not a professional
  4. Exercise at your own risk and modify as necessary.
  5. The 5 Core Principles of F3 workouts are:
  1. Free of charge
  2. Open to all men
  3. Held outdoors – rain or shine, heat or cold
  4. Peer led in a rotating fashion
  5. Always end in a Circle of Trust
  1. The F3 Credo is: “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.”
  • SSH x 25 (in cadence)
  • Squats x 25 (in cadence)
  • BAC x 6 / Bigger x 6
  • Back BAC x 6 / Bigger x 6
  • Plank Walk in/out x 5
  • Neck Rolls x 5
  • Michael Phelps x 5
  • Willy Mays Hayes – R & L
Thang 1 (2 rounds):
Rotate stations. Timer is the double fisted farmer carry.
  1. Weighted Merkins (30lb Ruck)
  2. Sumo Squats (standing on Coupons)
  3. Weighted Dips
  4. Negative Pull-Ups (goal 5 count)
  5. Double Landmine Press
  6. Endorphin Burpees (60lbs)
  7. War Drum
  8. Concentration Negative Sandbag Curls (60lbs)
  9. Strap pull up/down
  10. Tire Flip & Hop
  11. Coupon Curl & Press
  12. Kill the Bag (60lbs)
  13. Double Fisted Farmer Carry 40yds down & back
Thang 2 (2 Rounds):
All men exercise with a coupon in cadence to the beat of the war drum. 60 Seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest.
  1. Alternating 1-Leg Liftoffs
  2. Alternating Offset high/low Merkins
  3. Deep squats (touching block)
  4. Scull crushers (on your 6)
  5. One Legged High Knees (alternate 5 per leg)
  6. Overhead Press
  7. Lunge & Twist (alternating legs)
  8. Single Arm Rows (alternate L&R every 5)
  9. Coupon Kettlebell Swings
  10. Close Grip Coupon Merkins
Mary to time.
Cosmo led us in 19 American Hammers
Veronica led us in 20 sky kickers
Three’s Company called for 20 burpees and Q called for the PAX to continue until time. Time.
What a difference a year makes. Today is my 41st birthday and this time last year I was 25 lbs heavier, no energy, couldn’t finish a 1-mile run without stopping to catch my breath, couldn’t complete a single pull-up. Etc. I had a new baby that was just about to turn 1 and in February I finally accepted an invitation from @Cosmo to come to a workout. My first post was Murph Monday and @Three’s Company was on Q. I wanted to quit at the .5 mile mark of the opening mile. I remember as I rounded the corner to run alongside Columbia Ave., @Heidi (1st F Q) said, Good work, FNG” then @Cosmo chimed in a little while later, then another, then another. By the time we completed COT, I was dead… and I was hooked. F3 has completely changed my life.
Physically. – I’m in the best shape I’ve been since playing football in HS.
Mentally. – I’ve taken strides in self-discipline and personal accountability in many areas of my life. I’ve come to cherish mental challenges like overcoming the temptation to fartsack, staying honest during the Queen, pushing myself during SOG I, etc. And I’ve been extremely humbled in my opportunities to lead the times I’ve been on Q.
Socially. – Until F3, most of my male friendships have been connected to work and surface level, but there is something special about you brothers. There is a bond that is formed in the gloom, the rain, the cold, the heat and the shared mystery of a beautiful beatdown. I’m truly blessed to have you all in my life. My family has had a difficult year, as have many others, and you HIM have held me up when I couldn’t hold myself. I am forever grateful.
Relationally. – You’ve inspired me to be a better husband and father, demonstrating to me what authentic manhood looks like in these areas.
Spiritually – I’ve been in church staff for 14 years and have been a believer in Jesus for as long as I can remember. I believe the local church is the hope of the world, but through F3 I’ve realized a side of my faith that I never knew existed. Through Beacon Hill, moleskins and seeing various Q’s pray over the past 8+ months, I’ve grown deeper in my walk with Christ and for that I’m thankful.
So, as I reflect back on the past year at this milestone day in my life, I want to thank you for accepting me into your brotherhood. Thank you to the leadership for the time you give to keep this awesome organization going and growing. Thank you to the HIM who Q workouts week in and week out that give me a reason to get out of bed and accelerate. Thank you for holding me accountable, for your encouragement, your humor, your prayers, your creativity and for so much more. Offsides, out.
Check Slack
  • TN tussle
  • Smyrna launching an AO as part of Nolo
  • Star course
  • Warpath in Franklin
Prayer Requests:
  • @Cosmo brother in law. Got some blood work done and the results don’t look good. Going to see an oncologist to have additional work done.
  • Fall break travels
  • @Bubba Gump – Praise! Stepdad in TX went home from the hospital.
  • @Three’s Company – Chuck G. from his church. Cancer survivor passed away from COVID recently.
  • @Soul Glo – Kids would sleep better

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