Battalion – 10.06.21

On a misty Wednesday morning, a lonely @Lone Star and @ragdoll converged in force at Battalion, joined by @Soul Glo who felt sorry for us working out by ourselves in the dark.

We warmed up with some good mornings (as promised) and some pointy toe stretches (as promised) and some side-straddle hops, because, well, warm up.

Here’s the Thang:
We ran to the amphitheater stairs. We need a name for the stairs. Send ideas in comments.  At the stairs I told the crew to do 100 derkins. We paused a few times in between to run back to the star where we crawl beared / bear crawled the ramp.

Side note, we determined that one side of the ramp is definitely longer than the other. Those crawl bears seemed unduly difficult after the fourth time doing it.

After we finished our 100 derkins I told the PAX to do 200 box jumps / step ups. I think we all did step ups. We paused a few times during this to run back to the star and do the crawl bear / bear crawl routine on the ramp.

Oh! Almost forgot, after each crawl session we performed 10 “Ankle Height Defensive Leg Extensions Against a Vertically Challenged Aggressor” kicks, aka AHDLEAAVCA kicks, aka Dwarf Kicks.

It’s really just easier to say Dwarf Kicks guys.

Q doesn’t have a watch so he asked for the time, and it was 6:05, and I said “Wow, and I had two other Thangs planned!” and @Lone Star said, “Isn’t this the second Thang?” and I said “No, this is only the second half of the first Thang”.

So, no time for more Thangs. Back to the star for big boy situps, American hammers, and COT.

Psalm 25:4-5 says “Make me to know your ways, O Lord. Teach me your paths. Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation, for you and I wait all the day long.”

I’ve talked before about the need to listen and to be patient, and hear the hearts of our family members and friends — interpersonal listening if you will.

But good listening with family and friends begins with good listening of the heart towards God. And sometimes that just means pausing, and being silent, and hearing what he has to say. I’ll admit I have done a poor job of that recently — everything is go, go, go all the time. And diving right into the phone, emails, activities with the family, etc — the day can quickly go off the rails if I haven’t taken the time to level set.

So we spent a minute on our knee just being quiet, and listening, and closed it out with prayers for each other.

Thanks for being there @Lone Star and @Soul Glo.

Remember, #ao-battalion every Wednesday morning at 5:30am, Port Royal park! Let’s see some more south-side and south-side adjacent PAX show up for a @Pancreas (Nant’an) Q next week, 10/13!!

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