Armory – 10.09.21

@Baby Gap VQ, What’s in the box!!

PAX in attendance: @Danica@Operation@Joey Freshwater@Three’s Company@Lone Star@Thin Mint@Earhart

8 HIM took on a cool crisp October Saturday and shared the load to find out what was in the box!

SSH x 25 (in cadence)
Pushup x10 (OYO)
BAC x 6 / Bigger x 6
Back BAC x 6 / Bigger x 6
Willy Mays Hayes – R & L

Thang 1: Around the box; coupon and box mosie around school to back of pool;

Thang 2: Over the box; Partnered, parking lot sprint, push up / jump and crawl x 5; switch 5, sprint; jump high fives x25; sprint; High five merk x25, sprint, high five big boy sit-ups x25 sprint

Mosie around the school back to the pool lot

Thang 3: On the box; all PAX, walking push-up circle right; walking push-up circle left; burpee coupon jump circle, one leg high knee, squats, Team Relay: sandbag/ coupon relay carry; when not running SSH10 self burpees; 40 PAX burpees

Mary circle; exercise selection by each HIM with rep of 10;Moleskin surrounding the box. Moleskin: Ask each PAX to move box individually. It’s tough, a lot of weight! Imagery…the box is us. Within my box, 3 things; God, country, family. We each have our own box and our own things in that box that are important to us. Sometimes the box is heavy with burden of the outside, other times it’s light. But we can approach it in a number of ways such as go around it, go over it, stand on it, or open it. With the first 3 when we do all those things, we keep the box closed and the burden grows with keeping it closed. As men we get told this a lot, don’t open. You’re only a man when you keep those items inside the box locked up to sled and the issues / challenges of the days are handled  alone, but it’s that much more difficult, ALONE. (Ask all PAX to hold their own coupon) together the box becomes much easier to carry and open when the weight is shared. With F3 we have a PAX of men, and brothers! God knows all our failures, and already carries our burdens. He’s delivered us with the PAX to be open. When we do that, we watch the weight of your burdens be shared and the box is no longer heavy, PAX see into it and see into you!

Check slack for any missing
Gray ghosts
Smyrna F3 region

Prayer Requests:
@Lone Star M safe travel and self for handling kids op
@Operation and M for patience with 2.0
@Joey Freshwater and @Three’s Company Chuck G of church passed away, prayers for family
All fall break safe travels

Closing Prayer

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