Murph Monday – 5.31.21

Memorial Day Murph – Suffer in Silence Edition

PAX: @Three’s Company, @MapQuest, @Blackout, @Veronica, @Ginsu, @Soul Surfer, @Earhart, @Thin Mint, @Baby Gap, @Underroos, @Jalisco, @2Buck, @Singlet, @Bogo, @Soul Glo, @Lone Star, @Offsides, @Pancreas, @Joey Freshwater, @Peewee, @Cosmo (YHC)

Conditions: Temps in the low 50s, slight winds out of the South. Great weather for a Murph!

The early arrival PAX circled up and did some stretching OYO as we waited for the clock to strike. At 0530 on the dot, YHC called time, gave the disclaimer, and led the PAX in a VERY brief warmup of 20 SSHs IC. With that out of the way, YHC laid down today’s challenges.
1) Push yourself into pain today. Pain is a given in this world. Suffering is a mental state you enter from a place of pain But growth is also a place you can enter. Seek Pain, Find Growth.
2) Suffer in silence. No mumble chatter allowed until the end. YHC suggested men meditate on their pain and why we honor this day.

That done, off we went. YHC was fighting (and still is as of this writing) an incredibly nasty sinus infection/summer cold that had him hacking up lung biscuits all morning. As such, his search for pain meant rucking the first mile and trying to just breath.

The silence on the playground was amazing. YHC is a mumble chatter box so it was difficult, but working in proximity (like a team does) with men in silence felt oddly beautiful.

The PAX all did the usual work and when YHC called time at 0615 it seemed the silence had brought out some PRs…
@Underroos shaved off an entire minute from his mile time
@Singlet Completed his 1st ever Murph within time.
@Singlet was just two reps away from completion.
Just amazing and inspiring work all around.

@Three’s Company is leading our 2nd USMC Physical Fitness Test here soon at #murphmonday. More details to come but it’s a great benchmark.

Prayer Requests
The families of those who gave the last full measure of devotion for our country, who we honor today.

Today we honor the dead, so YHC let them take the mic. YHC read three letters from veterans who died in Vietnam, WW1, and WW2 respectively. He also read a letter from President Lincoln to a mother who lost all her sons.

YHC called attention to the fact that none of the letters indicated fear or cowardice. In fact, they all indicated a steely resolve to fulfill their duty and protect those they loved. Think on that today.

Will try to share text of letters later.
It was an honor and privilege to lead you HIM today.
SYITG, Cosmo.

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