The Armory – 5.29.21

15 PAX @Cosmo, @Singlet, @Dizzy Gillespie, @Thin Mint, @MapQuest , @Three’s Company, @Earhart, @Baby Gap, @Peewee, @taco libre, @Joey Freshwater, @Fertile Myrtle, @Rudolph, @Cross-Stitch, @Hot Mic chose to show up on amazingly cool morning with a breeze to keep us cool while we worked out in honor of @Ginsu with a nice long chipper trying to make our bodies as hard as a woodpeckers mouth.

SSH in cadence, OYO Man Pleasers :blush:, Willie Mays Hayes, Pigeon Stretches, Merkins, BACs. Pick up two coupons each and mosey over to the shelter at the school. Explain the workout and get in teams of two.
Thang 1: Ginsu Chipper – While one person chips away at the following exercises the other partner holds a coupon in their hand challenging grip and forearm strength while doing a 150 meter walk. Once walking partner returns partners swap positions. As partners swapped positions the transition exercise was performed.

150 Air Squats, butt touches top of coupon – Every partner change 2 Wall Walks(Balls to the Wall) each
150 Hip Slap Plank , feet on seat of table, hands on coupon(2 is 1) – Every partner change 5 Coupon Burpee Devil Press each
150 Big Boys – Every partner change 2 Wall Walks each
150 Raised Mtn Climbers with feet on seat of table, hands on coupon (2 is 1) – Every partner change 5 Coupon Burpees Devil Press each
150 Step Up w/coupon – Every partner change 2 Wall Walks each
150 Grasshoppers (1 is1) – Every partner change 5 Coupon Burpees Devil Press each
150 Pushups – Partner change 2 Wall Walks each
This was taking longer than expected and I ended early with most of us stuck between Mtn. Climbers and Grasshoppers.  With 5 minutes remaining we headed to the parking lot to finish up with some fun competition
IMPORTANT NOTE: It has been determined that when @Hot Mic Qs #Armory we start at 5:30.

Thang 2:  
1s and 2s from initial count off formed teams of 7 sat facing each other with 2 coupons on the start line. At go the 1st person on each team picked up the coupons passing to the person next to them then gets up, runs to the end of the line until the length of the parking lot was completed. 2’s claimed victory this time around and there were no seconds on the clock for a rematch.

– Camping trip next weekend, spots still available – contact @Kwame
-Murph in both SH w/@Cosmo and Nolensville.
-@Cross Stitch Job opportunity came through
-@Cosmo has a job offer on the table.

Prayer Request:  
-@Dizzy Gillespie is getting their house ready to sell in a couple of weeks. Pray they manage the stress of all that needs to happen well.  

Mole Skin:
Sometimes faith is difficult. Things may be going well and they a setback happens. If we are not careful it can erode our faith. As Christians we are challenged to endure, to keep the faith when things are rough and press forward.  One of the benefits of F3 is that we do not have to go through those challenges alone and need to lean on each other. When challenges arise, keep the faith, it can become something very beautiful.

It was a pleasure to serve you men this morning.
Hot Mic Out

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