Uprising – 6.01.21

19 HIM fought the Flux by locking shields for an Uprising of Accelerated proportions

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PAX did various warmup exercises, some of them inspired by @Foosball @2Buck @Heidi and Lloyd Christmas

The Thang
Then YHC instructed the PAX to divide into 3 categories separated by pace: fast, medium, and slower. When the PAX had organized, YHC further instructed the PAX in each category to divide into groups of 3-5 HIMs to run with. During the run, the PAX was encouraged to talk with their group about life issues like marriage, parenting, work, etc.
Further instruction: run with your small group on Commonwealth to Duplex, turn east, and run until the 20 minute mark, then turn around and head back to Longview. Run at an easier pace down any hills, and push yourself up the hills. As a group, encourage and push each other to get in the extra work on the hills. Lastly, when coming over the last roller before Longview, push to the shovel flags for a strong finish.

The Q could have done a better job of explaining that the small groups needed to stay specifically together in their packs, meaning some might run slower or faster than they expected this morning. In the end, the overall concept prevailed, as every man finished either in their group or as a pair. Bottom line: nobody ran alone, and we all looked out for each other's six.

Beacon Hill is Friday. Prepare by reading Q Source Chapters Shield Lock, Whetstone, and Mammon. Be there on Friday morning. HC in #beaconhill channel.
With the camping trip this weekend, we probably won't have any of the PAX going to support F3 Murfreesboro on Saturday, but anyone who wants to go is welcome

@Sully 's M: continued answers for her health and healing
@2Buck 's M: healing for her knee that collided with a bowling ball
@ToeJam: baby boy on the way (yay!) and family relationship challenges that result (not yay!)
Moleskin – Shield Lock
Since YHC can be wordy and I used a lot of the Shield Lock chapter in my verbal moleskin, I'll give a brief summary here – but I encourage you to read the actual Shield Lock chapter (link below), which contains so much good information and answers the question, “What is a Shield Lock?”
Summary: because God made man with eyes up front, we are all blind to our own Six and need other men with whom we can lock shields for our own protection, and also for the protection of those whom we each protect. We can't be successful in life alone. Forming a Shield Lock of 3-5 HIMs helps a HIM in his journey from Amateur to Pro by increasing Preparedness, which helps fight the Flux. This happens within the 3P's of Proximity, Purpose, and Periodic meetings. Bearing life's pain as a Team aids in the Acceleration of both the HIM and the Shield Lock.


Men, it was an honor to lead you this morning after a 4-month Infirmary sabbatical. I am grateful to be a part of this amazing group of HIMs. T-claps to all of you who pushed beyond your comfort zones on this beautiful morning. We got better together. SYITG – Pancreas

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