Murph Monday – 4.26.21

19 Hims start the week right today
@Mike Leak aka FlashDance @Fertile Myrtle @Mulligan @Yo-Yo @2Buck @Pancreas @Jazz Hands @Hot Mic @Bogo @Dizzy Gillespie @Peewee @Foosball @Tiny Dancer @Ginsu @Heidi @Singlet @Dipstick FNG @Dalton Potts aka Thootfairy
QIC- @Jalisco

Warm a Rama
25 calf risings
Willie May hays both sides
5 Good morning OYO
BAC in cadence forward and backwards
MichaelPhelps OYO
25 side straddle hops IC

Everyone have to run 1 mile with a partner
And encourage each other to push themselves.
Back to our goals OYO
300 squats
200 merkins
100 pull-ups
Last mile back with partners and finished strong.


For all F3 members  and families
Community who seeking help for the lord guides them.

Next week F3 open house, start inviting people in your neighborhood.
Planing on do a breakfast on the armory (more details come soon )
Murfreesboro trying to get a new AO on May 15th they asking for help.
Toejam Productions finish the video and will be share on F3 social media channels keep the eye and share it.

Teamwork, we base on a teamwork and we need to bring that in our homes with our 2.0’s,  M’s and work to make our lives easy and to encourage our partners to complete the setup goals.
1Corinthians 12:14
The body of Christ, or the people that are  the whole of humanity,are a TEAM. The body is not supported by one person, but by all of us. We are one, we are strongest WORKING TOGETHER in unity.
TEAMWORK is the key to living life in harmony, so that we can DO God’s will.
@jaliso out

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