Uprising – 4.27.21

11 HIM met at the Depot this morning to spend some time with our favorite lady.  Bertha is looking better and better the lighter out it gets!
@Kwame, @Pancreas, @Singlet, @Timeshare, @Yo-Yo, @MaryAnne, @Heidi, @Joey Freshwater, @ragdoll, @Lone Star, and YHC @Peewee.

Thang:  typical Uprising run.  45 minutes to run out and back to the depot at your own pace.  COT at 6:15.

F3 kwambine at port royal park this Saturday – get there at 5:30 to stetch.  6:00 start time.
Night at movies: 4:15 Saturday at the Spring Hill movie theatre – Back to the Future! – 1 spot open.
F3 open house week next week!  Think about EH ing someone.  Watch for more info from @Pancreas
Camping trip first week of June.  Get those HCs in.  Join the 2nd f channel if you haven’t already!

Prayer requests:
@2Buck’s son @Stag has a fractured vertebrae.  Prayers for him and steps forward to recovery
@Chowdah’s wife’s health issues
Pray for each other in the PAX.
Pray for future F3 PAX who just haven’t found us yet
@MaryAnne – new puppy had a seizure.  Pray for no more of them happening!
@Timeshare’s back is bothering him

Confession: the last month or so I’ve been going through the motions when it comes to praying with my kids.
I’ve been saying the same things at the same times of the day and in the same order.
For a couple of the weeks I was stressed with work stuff.  Last week I was sick on top of the work stress and I had to power through.  This led to me wanting to just “get through” the prayer time so I could quickly eat and move on to the next thing or in the case of bedtime, I could get the process of getting the kids to sleep over with sooner so I could move on to getting stuff done.
There was no thought in it, and definitely no heart in it either.

This kind of stuff drove me NUTS as a child in church when I would hear the same people say the same things in the same order EVERY time they prayed.  Even if the person was fully engaged in their heart and mind, it didn’t look that way to me as a kid.
As I became an older teen, I began questioning a lot about church and religion, and what it all meant.  I was drawn to the people who were authentic in their faith and the way they spoke about their spiritual life, while at the same time being incredibly skeptical of anyone or anything that sounded the least bit “rehearsed.”  If I was picking up on that as a kid, are my kids perceiving it too?

I try hard to be authentic with my faith, especially with my kids, but the last few weeks I have failed miserably.  I want to change that now!
For the sake of accountability I’m sharing this with the PAX.  It’s too important not to enlist your encouragement and prayer.
@Peewee out

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