F3SH Dad’s Event – 4.26.21

F3 Dads brought a zoo of workouts to Ft Fun!!!! 43 PAX showed up for a great time. @Timeshare @Heidi @Tiny Dancer Meanswing Darknight @Mike Leak @Jalisco @Pancreas Spidermonkey @Coxswain Artemis Salamander @Peewee Snake @Cosmo @Foosball @Fertile Myrtle @Rudolph Stag @2Buck and Speedbump were joined by 22 FNGs. We learned some valuable lessons: kids are fast, water breaks are important.
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* High knees
* Cobra Kai
* Butt Kickers
* Arm circles
* Merkins

Thang 1
* Spiders and flies — The kids took one side of the field and the dads took another. The dads were supposed to spider crawl and catch the 2.0s before the little flies made it to the other side. We soon discovered that our 2.0s are too quick to catch and we modified to a run. Dads 5 burpees if you don’t catch at 2.0. Kids 5 merkins and start over when caught.  We repeated 3 times to maximize the fun.

Thang 2
* Zoom Zoo (stations were set up at cones. There were five special cones with index cards of instructions in them)
    * Dads 10 burpees; kids 10 merkins
    * Frog hop to next station.
    * Dads 50 squats; kids 10
    * Kangaroo jumps (broad jump) to next station
    * BB Sit-ups: dads 30; kid 15
    * Bear crawl to next station
    * 2.0 merks: dads do 10 merkins w/ kid on back. Do 10/kid if you have more than one. @2Buck heightened the mumblechatter when he got here.
    * Crab walk
    * Bear hops—25 for dads and 15 for 2.0s
    * sprint to next station (call it a gallop to keep with the theme)
Rinse and repeat. My 2.0s started modifying on the 2nd round and the mumblechatter increased exponentially.

Thang 3
* Dad Dad Duck — dads and kids circle up facing outward and hold plank. Someone told me it should be dad, dad , goose.  Thanks for not letting me make a grave error here. A 2.0 does dad, dad, Duck and runs (like duck duck goose) Dads must politician to catch the 2.0. If can’t catch a kids dad does 5 burpees. If caught the kid does 10 merkins. There were no 2.0s caught and there were a lot of burpees. @Jalisco was the first picked and was introduced to a wonderful game.
Thanks everyone for coming!! It was great and my kids were exhausted. The FNGs are as follows:
Lucy—judge Judy
Natalie—tiger Lilly
Emily—rock star
AJ—King Kong
Wyatt—iron man
Xander—The claw
Connor—iron dog
CJ—shell master

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