MURPH Monday – 12.13.21

15 PAX thought they were coming to a party but were tricked into facing the gloom.
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The Thang:
We hit up a traditional F3 Murph Monday, with a 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and a final 1 mile run.  Modifications were implemented if necessary to prevent injury, but never to cut out the work.  To add a slight twist in true @MapQuest fashion, we did modify the 2 miles by running in the opposite direction of what we usually do (i.e. we went the Xmas Parade route: run to the school, turn left on Main, left on Maury Hill St., etc).
Refinery this Thursday, December 16th.  Check #3rdf for more details
Prayer Requests:
@Roker:  Safe travels as he moves to Austin
@Jalisco:  Prayers for all those impacted by the tornados over the weekend, especially in Mayfield, KY.  God’s healing and peace be on everyone.
@Tijuana:  2.0 at home with a fever.  Prayer for quick recovery.
As I turn 41 today, I want to thank you all for making such a huge impact on my life this last year.  Throughout my life, there are different markers and different people who have helped me become the man that I am today.  I am still a work in progress, and you all definitely help shape me into a better HIM each day.  If you are reading this, yes this includes you, a true HIM.  So THANK YOU!
As an 80’s kid, there was a commercial that I recently found that took me all the way back.  It’s an ad for Prego spaghetti sauce, and it puts a spotlight on their old tagline, “Prego, It’s in there…”  Perhaps you remember it?  Whether you do or don’t, enjoy this classic.   But as I watched the commercial recently, I was reminded of an interesting parallel. In life, we are thrown all sorts of curveballs, opportunities, challenges, and decisions.  We often look for the answers in a haste or what seems to be the most comfortable route for us.  That’s not always wrong.  But sometimes it’s not that easy.  When we are faced with a hard decision or challenge, remember that the Bible (yes, the word of God) has every answer you can possibly imagine.  I’m not trying to be preachy, just a brother with some love and encouragement.  The Bible is full of answers, dare I say, “it's in there.”  So remember, if you are facing trouble in your marriage, look to God’s word…it’s in there.  Know someone who is struggling with depression?  Look to God’s word, it’s in there.  Have a dispute with a family member or neighbor, yes, it’s in there.  Just diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, it’s in there.  Need guidance on a career move that might shake everything up, yes, yep, it’s in there, too.  
I don’t have all the answers.  Far from it.  None of us do.  But I am grateful that we don’t have to search too far when we need guidance and direction.

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