The Citadel – 12.13.21

12.13.21 | The Citadel | 5 PAX | Cold

@Heidi (1st F Q)@Casanova@Joey Freshwater@Aflac and .QIC @Foosball

In Your Eyes
SSH and mountain climbers. X3 some bacs with bac bacs.
Pax were entrusted with 2 cones each.
Mosie to one parking lot
Set up cones across the lot and had wind sprints. With 5 (x5) and 6 (x1) hand release Merks. Totaling 6 sprints and 31 HR Merks.
Mosie to the circle.
Donkey Kicks – Derks – and @Joey Freshwater plays in traffic. 2 sets of 10 and one of 11 (31).
Mosie to the corner where our first potential sound violation took place.
Coordination test of shoulder taps, cone touch, cones. X31 then we scrapped it and did 31 squat jumps.
To the PIT.
Big hill sprint. 10 down hill derks. And some American hammers at the bottom. X3.
Mosie back to launch zone.
Alternating Foosies, plank and big boys.
Seeming pretty quite on the announcement front.
Prayer Requests
continues prayers for @Heidi (1st F Q)and his m and family
. Love and care throughout the continued road ahead
@Casanovaand his m with the upcoming birth of their third son
Safe travels to @Aflac
Moleskin (kinda rambled a lil)
the message was centered around how can we put God first and our neighbor second
. How can we serve and not come up with exercises to be self serving.

Foos out.

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