Monday Murph At The Silo – 7.06.2020

5 HIM got out in the gloom this morning for Moist Murph At The Silo, where the humidity flocked like the salmon of Capistrano!
@Tiny Dancer @Joey Freshwater @Hot N Ready and @Pancreas witnessed @Foosball take the lead and finish in 33:44. MMATS record, thus far. Well done, brother!
1 mile
100 pull-ups
200 Merkins
300 squats
1 mile
Partitioned (I learned that this morning)
Warpath is this Saturday!
Crucible is August 1st
We will set a date shortly for a planning meeting. Watch for a post in #crucible channel
@Lone Star and family healing from COVID
@Dizzy Gillespie healing from Gout
Fred Reyes healing from COVID
F3 men to continue fighting the good fight
Our city, nation, and world that needs Jesus
As my college-era Plankeye song stated this morning: “I can’t complain – all my bills have been paid.” Jesus paid our debt, forgave our sins, and has redeemed our lives. For that, may our hearts be abundantly grateful. Two crucial qualities in our journey are gratitude and empathy. Gratitude works in our hearts for our relationship with God (but it sure does a lot with others too). Empathy works outward to show consideration, compassion, and love toward others. Let’s be HIM who live with gratitude and empathy! 

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