Uprising – 7.07.2020

Appropriately three people for Three’s Company Q at #uprising this morning. @Pancreas, an FNG, and myself. We made the command decision to wait on nicknaming the FNG until we had a larger crowd. Tune in hopefully this Thursday or next Tuesday to meet him!
It was a beautiful run this morning, but I will have to say the skunk smell was extra strong. Good news in that it made me run a little faster to get through it!

– @Pancreas for wisdom in dealing with a neighbor who has been a little tough to show Christ’s love to
-FNG for patience as his 16 yr old daughter is learning to drive.
-Praying for our fearless #uprising leader @Kwame for safe travels in Michigan.

Since this is my first #backblast I’ll leave you with one of my favorite scriptures:
James 1:2-4

See you at the #the-trapp!

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