Modified Murph Monday – 2.01.21

PAX – 19 HIM and a FNG (Stairmaster) braved the cold temps and windy flurries to become stronger inside and out! It was an Honor leading you all.


Good morning 
Willy Mays Hayes
Side straddle hops
Arm circles

1 mile run – Congrats to all for continuing to push your pace. @Fertile Myrtle nailed a PR with Dizzy pushing him. @Three’s Company and his Golden Eagle continuing to blaze the way with a 6:52 pace!

Thang 1 – Coupon

5 Big Boy sit ups with partner interlocking leg for support.
10 Merkens with partner balancing coupon on your back. 5 wide and 5 narrow.

15 Clean to low squat and then squat thrusters

20 flutter kicks while holding coupon up.

Run 400 meter sprint to the LIGHT!
Pull ups while waiting on the six.

10 second count by Threes Company

Thang 2 – Coupon

5 American Hammers with partner back to back. Passing coupon to your side and partner completing the circle on the other side.

10 Merkens with coupon on your back. 5 wide and 5 narrow.

15 clean and squat thrusters

20 Plank Pullovers. Thank you for the idea @Ginsu. Plank position with coupon at left side, reach across with right hand and drag to other side. Change arms and repeat with 10 each arm.

Run another 1/4 mile to the Light and back. Pull-ups waiting on the six.


Cannonball run on March 6th. Great work leading the charge @Heidi

Trail race permit vote / approval tomorrow night.

@Tiny Dancer Announced we, F3SH, have reached 100 active members! Keep those FNG’s coming!
Please include a F3 Leader in the planning of all events.


We all thrive and feel great when supporting each other, there is awesome power with our group. 14 day Challenge to do something nice for our M’s or girlfriends every day leading up to Valentines Weekend. Intentionally show your M you support her, have her six, and love her! Post your successes and ideas here!

Thank you guys!

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