The Ridge 6 Miler – 1.30.21

PAX: @Cosmo @Foosball @Bogo @Ginsu @Hot Mic @Chowdah YHC
7 HIM braved the gloom and crushed 6 miles and 3 pain stations in 2 hours! Here’s how it went down
AMRAP (ruck) – (0.9 miles) – 1 min double time, 2 min single time (RNR) past Lowe’s to Oreilly’s
Pain Station 1: O’Reilly’s Tune Up (10 min)
20 ruck merkins
10 ruck squats
7’s: ruck pushups and ruck lunges (each leg = 1/2); mode of transportation = ruck bear crawl
AMRAP (ruck) – 1 min double time, 2 min single time (RNR) for 1.9 miles to the creek at Port Royal and Burgess.
Pain Station 2 – Beach Work (7 min)
10 Creek Squats
1 min overhead ruck hold
1 min of ruck kettlebell swings
30 4ct flutter kicks
12 4ct ruck American Hammers
0.5 miles to Casa del TD, where we picked up my 80lb sb
Format for rest of ruck (2.7 miles – which took us past Allendale, west on Port Royal, and all the way back to Armory): single time; PAX took one 5-minute turn each carrying the sb; after which we each took one more 3-minute turn with the sb.
We arrived back at Armory with 5.5 minutes to spare.
Pain Station 3: – Brian Adams/Cheap Trick AMRAP
2 min overhead ruck hold
2 min ruck kettlebell swing
1.5 min burpee/jump over ruck/burpee
Closing notes:
My goal was to push you past your comfort level today and harden your mind, as well as keep on schedule, and I hope I was successful. As much as I bragged about my footwear and the benefits of getting your feet wet, I think my feet fared worst of all, as my feet were numb ice blocks at the end. Also, thank you to the AOQ and the other Ridgers for great attitudes and helping me balance optimum pacing and keeping everyone together. #leavenomanbehind #leavenomanwhereyoufindhim
One day closer to the Tough.
TD out

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