Fort Pain Dog Fight – 02.03.2021

PAX: @Lone Star @Foosball @Dipstick @Three’s Company @Dangle @Pre-K @Jalisco @Cross-Stitch @Stair Master @Tiny Dancer @Ginsu @Timeshare @Fertile Myrtle @Mulligan @Operation @Chowdah @Cosmo @MaryAnne @Heidi @3rdWheel @Pancreas YHC (@2Buck)
runners stretches
Downward DOG!!
10 Merkins
10 squats
 mosie to the entrance of the park and back
15 SSH on my count
Count off by 4s to form 4 groups of 5. THIS IS YOUR DOG PACK!

Activity 1: FETCH!
Pack of Pax #1 throws ball as far as possible and then starts to do as many burpees as possible while Pack of Pax 2, 3, and 4 chase after it.  Pack 1 stops when last DOG comes back.
rotate through each Pack
Each pack totals the number of burpees

Team 1 70
Team 2 68
Team 4 65
Team 3 58

Activity 2: WALK THE DOG (aka wheel barrow race)
Each team lined up. First DOG in the plank position. DOG behind them holds their shins. Walk the dog to the cone, and switch. Then the next two in line go until every DOG in the pack has gone.

Each team lined up. First DOG broad jumps to first cone, then low side steps to the right, then politicians, then low side steps to the left to complete the square. Once first DOG returns, second DOG begins.
Activity 4: DOG FIGHT
Pack vs Pack

Pack 1 vs Pack 2 – TUG-O-WAR
– ‘Nough said

Pack 3 vs Pack 4 – RUN THAT DOG!
Similar to Fetch, but instead of chasing a ball, sprinting to the second cone
Exercises – Air squats, Merkins
Packs switch activities.

Activity 5: TOP DOG
Pack 4 called out Pack 2 for a best 2 out of 3 TUG-O-WAR match. Pack two flexed their collective muscle with @Dangle holding anchor

Wrap up: Mosie to Peewee’s playhouse and back and closed out with a round of Mary
Freddie Mercuries
Toe Touches
Alabama Prom Dates
Flutter kicks
J-Lo’s @Pre-K’s all time favorite
@Joey Freshwater on Q for TRAPP
This Friday is our first Beacon Hill. Hop on over to #3rdf to get the reading material/podcasts for the week. Come prepared to discuss what you’ve learned.
@Fertile Myrtle picking up his VQ this Saturday at  #the-armory
#the-ridge holding a 5 mile ruck beginning at 5am on Saturday
LDP Leadership development plan
Leaders develop those that will replace them
Let’s focus on developing our 2.0
– You can’t lead if you aren’t in the right place personally. As the spiritual leaders in our household it is up to us to mode what a relationship with Christ can look like.  How are you modeling your relationship with Christ.
– Much like today’s workout, there are two sides (dogs) competing for your soul.  By feeding one you are neglecting the other. One gets stronger and one gets weaker.
– what DOG are you feeding?
Philippians 4:8
Romans 12:1-2
Prayer Requests:
@Jalisco’s sister is due any day now. Pray for healthy mom and healthy baby and a seamless delivery
@Three’s Company SIL struggling with addiction and the impact it is having on her family (kids especially)
HIM, my only regret this morning was not being able to get dirty with you all!  Thanks for trusting me with your #1stf and for having a lot of fun doing it!

WOOF! 2Buck

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