Gloomy Murph Monday – 11.30.20

10 HIM pressed through the gloom for a blustery Murph Monday!
@Dizzy Gillespie @Cosmo @Joey Freshwater @Heidi @2Buck @Three’s Company @Chowdah @Bogo @Pancreas Welcome FNG Pokémon!
General warmarama
1 mile run
100 pull-ups
200 Merkins
300 squats
1 mile run
Kudos to Pokémon for coming out to a Murph in chilly weather for his first F3 experience
Kudos to @Bogo for pressing through sets of Cindy even though his foot is tender.
@Heidi on Q Wed at Fort Pain
@Chowdah’s VQ on Saturday at Armory!
2nd F on 12/11 – location TBD @Tiny Dancer
Around this time, Q had to call out Chatty Kathy Freshwater for distracting mumblechatter with Pokémon. Glad you were making him feel welcome!
Prayer requests
@Chowdah managing work and schooling his daughter. Trip to Colorado coming up.
@Heidi upcoming trip to TX and a tough convo with his brother
@Cosmo and @Dizzy Gillespie work concerns
Mike Fennema bike accident. Healing in his body and God’s peace over him and family.
Men, this is F3. We show up early in the morning, rain or shine, heat or cold. We press through the gloom while supporting each other and having fun while doing it. In the process, we’re reminded how much we depend on each other and God. We can’t do it alone. Grateful for you all and most of all for God’s grace.
SYITG, Pancreas

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