Uprising – 12.01.2020

9 HIM decided to get better in the gloom this morning with a fantastic weathered run up Bertha.

@2Buck @Pancreas @Three’s Company @Foosball @Dizzy Gillespie @Timeshare @Joey Freshwater @Chowdah and YHC

So 25 and clear with a full moon and no wind actually made for some great conditions out there. So great in fact that Pancreas and YHC had to shed layers by the cemetery. That’s not the only thing that was shed by Pancreas this morning, and he had a companion in the natural stall next to him in the bathroom of the wilderness…Ill give you a hint who it was- His symbol rhymes with the type of dog Snoopy is from Charlie Brown…

Gents- it’s easy to stay at home in a warm comfy bed when it’s 5am. It’s hard to get up knowing it’s below freezing out. Don’t let the weather be the reason you don’t attend an F3 workout or run. We can always find an excuse to not come to a workout- resist the desire to resist. Just like I always say MAKE IT A GREAT DAY, you need to MAKE THAT DECISION TO WORKOUT.

Let’s go! Treat every day like it’s the 4TH QUARTER, BABY!
P.S. how’s that warm bed this morning, @Cosmo ?!? 

SYITG (tomorrow at #fort-pain !),

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