Fortification Friday – Winter Has Come – 12.04.2020

PAX: @Three’s Company @Pancreas @Foosball @Rudolph YHC

Due to all of the rain, we parked and began from the pavilion at the top of the hill

0.5 mile run
20 SSH
10 merkins
10 squats
1 min of good mornings and stretching

Thang: RNR x 5

25 merkins, 25 sit-ups, 25 coupon thrusters
0.5 mile run (last 3 sets of sit-ups were with coupons)

2 min overhead ruck hold

Thang 2:

10 burpees, 10 coupon sit-ups, 10 4 count mountain climbers
20 burpees, 20 coupon sit-ups, 20 4count mountain climbers
1 min overhead ruck hold

Mosey to the bottom of the nearby grass hill

Thang 3 – Sprints

4 rounds of hill sprints (~35 yards long)

December 11 – End of Year 2nd F. Location TBD
@Foosball’s meeting
@Dizzy Gillespie’s friend injured in bike wreck
For my family dealing with Allendale Elementary School’s closing due to Covid.

Moleskin: It’s said that everyone wants to be a Navy Seal when it’s warm and sunny, but not so much when it’s cold and wet. We are called to be followers of Christ not only when it’s easy, but especially during the difficult times. Pray for grace and strength to bear our crosses as we ought.

Great work, men! Those who braved the rain and cold got better as a result. We missed you, @Cosmo and @Pre-K!

Have a great weekend, PAX!

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