The Armory – 12.05.2020

PAX: @Kwame @Dizzy Gillespie @Cosmo @Ron Swanson @Pancreas @Bogo @2Buck @Joey Freshwater
20 SSH
10 IW
7 WP
Partner up for Donkey Kicks / Balls-to-the-wall
100 Donkey Kicks per pair.
100 Dips each at the picnic benches.
Displaced indigenous native peoples exiled from their land by Europeans against their will run.
(Or if you are named exile, here from cherokee…. Indian file)
.75 mi run passing the shovel-flag as baton
*stop for 5/ea burpees ring-of-fire when flag touches the ground
Round 1: Each man hurdles the Pax to the end of the group then returns to plank.
Round 2: Tunnel of Love – bear crawl to end of the group then return to plank.
Elephant walk back to the flag (original plank location)
Run back to AO carrying the flag (and not dropping…)
100 burpees in 10 min (10/EMOM)
Prayers for Dizzy’s work and also work/family balance. Prayers for the family of the young woman shot recently in her car.
It is truly life giving to travel hundreds of miles and find men practicing the same disciplines of growth and intentional community in their own way. YHC shared in the COT, and will say again here, I cannot put into words just how grateful I am to the men of F3 not just for the affect on myself, but for providing this same community for my brother. I‘ve EH’d 3 of my brothers. All 3 I have seen welcomed and loved and made better men by this movement. This gives me so much hope for my son, for my daughter’s future husband, and for my nephews, and nieces. Never stop accelerating, men.

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