Fort Pain, Mary Anne’s VQ – 4.14.21


Fort Pain
25 PAX in attendance for a morning of pain taken from the F3 exicon which is available on the F3 Nation website. It was a day of 25s.
PAX: @Rudolph @2Buck @Ginsu @Peewee @Three’s Company @Snooki  @Hot Mic  @Foosball  @Tiny Dancer  @Lone Star @Cosmo  @Heidi  @Operation  @Pancreas  @Singlet  @Frisbee Buff  @ToeJam  @Dipstick  @Dizzy Gillespie  @Jalisco  @Tijuana  @Jiffy Lube  @flashdance @Joey Freshwater  @MaryAnne

-25 Side straddle hops in cadence
-5 Abe Vigodas
-Arm circles
-Back Back arm circles
-Deep runners stretch
-25 Burpees
-25 2 count j-lows
-Bear crawl to running path
-Power squat til the 6
-Short mosey

Thang 1- First and 10
-20 yard mosey
-11 count merkins / burpee ladders
-90% effort sprint between the 20s
-Plank / Flutter kicks til the 6
Mosey to the baby hill
-2 bear crawl hill climbs
-10 Side straddle hops in cadence

Thang 2 – This and that
-Mosey to upper gazebo
-Bicycle kicks til the 6
-25 flutter kicks
-25 LBCs
-5 minutes of merkins/abyss merkins/durkins
-5 count 4x4s

Thang 3 – 7 of Diamonds
-7 merkins x 4 stations
-14 Flutter kicks X 4 stations
-21 Burpees X 4 stations

Mosey to the start
@Heidi Nolensville gauntlet Saturday. Meet at 4/45am and go.
@Cosmo Opening on parks board in Thompson Station if anyone is interested.
@Pancreas – @Chowdah effort to get more involved with parks and recreation in service.
@Offsides Daughter. Pray for healing and family.
@Dipstick Friends family having various medical issues.
I Corinthians 10:13
No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to man. God is faithful, and will not let you be tempted beyond what you can endure.
Bitter and Sweet
Focus on the sweet things in your daily life. Family, friends, F3, pets, good food, a sunrise, your M.
Soaking in the sweet things and being aware of these makes the bitter things bearable. Angry boss, loss of a loved one, financial troubles, health challenges.
God bless you all today!

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