TRAPP – 4.15.21

9 HIM showed up to make sure they got 0.5% better, but also to make sure they weren’t veering 0.5% off the path.
PAX: @Joey Freshwater @MaryAnne @Peewee @Glamour Shots @Jalisco @Singlet @Pancreas @Chowdah
QIC: @2Buck

Each HIM was handed a sketched map, roughly showing the route they were to run. Questions were asked, vague answers intentionally given, more clarity was promised at COT.
First things first though…WARNING!  Land mines on the trail. Apparently the neighboring farm had a broken fence and a few cows graced Preservation Park with their patties. Thanks to @Peewee and @Chowdah PRE-party for scaring them off the trail.
The hand drawn map directed us up Sunrise Hill and then on an AMRAP session around Sunrise Hill.
YHC set up a time lapse video of the pre-sunrise sky and was surprised by a worm and a @Singlet stretch sesh (see vid below).

– Gauntlet Saturday 4/17. Meet at either Kroger parking lot in Spring Hill.
– Armory is still happening
– TRAPP race is moving along, scheduled for 5/22 – see @Chowdah about details
– Port Royal Park 4/24 Geode day – see @Chowdah
– F3 Dads at 3pm on 4/25 – @Dizzy Gillespie is your man!
– @Joey Freshwater needs help setting a toilet for a friend.

Prayer requests –
– @Singlet friend is dying. Peace for family
– @Chowdah M back appt tomorrow at 12:45
– @2Buck Job interview

– On this date in 1924 Rams McNally published the first road atlas
– On this date in 1912 the Titanic sank
– There is a story of an airplane leaving the US that ended up being shot down over North Korea. It’s original destination being 100’s of miles away, but at the onset of the flight they set their trajectory off by 0.5 degrees. Over a short period of time this is an incalculable difference, but on a lifelong journey that small difference can have you so far off course you are now flying in enemy territory. What are you using as a map/compass/guide/lamp for your feet?
– Psalm 119:105 says your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.
– Romans 12:2 says we are to daily renew our minds.
– Be in the word daily. Use it as your map/compass/guide/lamp for your feet to make sure you are getting 0.5% better and not veering off the path by 0.5 degrees.

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