Uprising – 4.13.21

18 HIM showed up to a warm welcome from the CSX crew. Jury is still out on whether the Jeremy (serious EH’ing needed here) was impressed or put off by one of our own circling the station looking for the PAX
PAX: @Rudolph @Bogo @Pancreas (aka smooth operator) @Tijuana @MaryAnne @Dizzy Gillespie @Sully @Singlet (FNG or NFG) @Glamour Shots@Tiny Dancer @Snooki @Joey Freshwater @Foosball @Heidi @Kwame @Hot Mic @Peewee
AOQIC: @2Buck

This morning’s route was inspired by the founding father of the Uprising AO, the original Uprising AOQ @Kwame!  Thank you for your vision, for your tenacity (a required trait for all Detroit Lion fans), and the fun you brought to F3!  Glad you are taking the 2nd F torch and looking forward to seeing F3SH continue to grow under your servant leadership.

FNG – Singlet
Gauntlet Saturday meet at 4:45 at a Kroger in Spring Hill. @Heidi running point on info.
F3 Dads – Ft Fun 3pm 4/25. Hit up @Dizzy Gillespie for the deets.
Fuel – tonight @ 5:30 @Dipstick has the 411

@Foosball wife’s friend going in to labor…NOW!
@Offsides daughter with Type 1 diabetes
@Tiny Dancer Wife’s secretary going through marital problems
@Kwame – in laws in town
@Glamour Shots – son going through sprained ankle and has to do RTAP test. Pray Joshua over him. Be strong and courageous.
@Sully – M and her pain.
@Chowdah – m health and his shins

Praise –
@Joey Freshwater friend Joe tested neg for Covid and is responsive and comprehending.

Moleskin – Ephesians 4:25-29
As we read scripture with our family, make sure the intent is about what the Bible is saying to you and less about what you want it to say to others. Remember, Christ DIED to forgive us of our sins. We should be quick to forgive those that we feel have slighted us.

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