Fort Pain – 9.1.2021

“The Second Happiest Place on Earth”
PAX: @Rudolph @Ginsu @Blackout @Tiny Dancer @Underoos @Yaris @Paperboy @Offsides @2Buck @Aflac @Fertile Myrtle @Cosmo – ComzQ and Chief Roughneck
QIC: @Cosmo – ComzQ and Chief Roughneck
Conditions: 71° – 7mph winds out of the Northwest – 81% humidity – Passing clouds – 10 mile visibility
Fresh from a trip to Disney World, YHC was feeling the magic and wanted to share it with the PAX. Disclaimer was shared. We started at 0530 sharp and YHC was feeling limber and warmed up from the Queen baseline test.
Single-file line mosey around the park to the base of the paved hill for a “Lost Boy Run.” YHC was on point and started spelling out PETER PAN by yelling “P.” Man behind him continued, etc. When the PAX finished spelling out PETER PAN, we dropped and did 10 Merkins then bolted upright and took off again. We probably did that 6 or so times before reaching our waypoint with only one set of 20 Merkins due to a misspelling. Once arrived we did some more warmup:
Willie Mays Hayes
SSHs IC x25
BACs IC x25
BackBACs IC x25
Moroccan Aladdin Night Clubs IC x25
Thang 1 – Space Mountain
Form up into groups of 3. One man does Squats at base of hill. One man politicians up. One man spells out MAGIC with leg lifts at top of hill. When the leg lift man is tagged by the politician man, he duck walks halfway down the hill then sprints the rest and tags the squat man out. So on and so forth. There’s always one man moving. We did about 4-5 full rotations of this.
Thang 2 – Lost Boy Run Part 2, Mickey Mouse Boogaloo
Same run as before but this time spell out MICKEY MOUSE. @Blackout forgot that MICKEY has an E in it and docked the PAX one extra set of 20 Merkins. We did about 4 sets in total before getting back to the flag.
Thang 3 – Dora the Epcot Explorer
Form new triads. One man does exercise, one man sprints to stop sign and back, one man holds plank. Rotate appropriately: Plank – Sprint – Exercise.
Triad Reps to be Completed:
200 Merkins
100 Overhead Air Presses
50 Burpees
We got all the way through to about halfway through the burpees before we stopped.
Thang 4 – 5 Minutes of Mary Poppins
5 minutes of Mary of various ab exercises, including a very special @Tiny Dancer led 50 reps (or it felt like that) of Freddie Mercurys and 25 reps of a new leg drop LBC we deemed a @Blackout after its inventor.
Kwambine this Saturday. Don’t go to Longview, go to Port Royal Park. Have questions? Message @PrimeTime Kwame. Note: Darkhorse is still happening.
Ghost Pepper and Ping Pong Shindig at @Pancreas (Nant’an)’s house on 9/11.
“Versus” Men’s event on 9/30 at Rolling Hills Church in Franklin. It’s in the evening and features axe throwing, Mike Fisher, a comedian, and competition BBQ…oh and @Offsides will be there too.
Prayer Requests
@Commodore dealing with some injuries.
Louisiana folks recovering from Hurricane Ida.
Waverly folks still recovering from flooding.
@Tiny Dancer and his family as they travel to Louisiana to visit family who are displaced due to Ida.
Moleskin: Suck less.

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