Primetime – 9.01.21

7 strong for a fun and great weather night for an American Heritage classic!
@MaryAnne @Rudolph @Snooki @MapQuest @Soul Glo @Fertile Myrtle and @Kwame Q started off on an American Heritage run. We each were going to lead on a leader’s choice direction for 5 minutes, and we thought we lost @MaryAnne right away, only to find out he had sprinted back a couple minutes into the run to grab the shovel flag! It truly was a patriotic run that drew 34 recognitions from passers by, in the form of car honks and shout outs. Also included one mom (with kids in car) that couldn’t resist the sweaty, shirtless stud we know as @Rudolph to inquire what we were up to, or at least what HE was up to, seemed like a ploy to the rest of us…
Anyway, great run that even @MapQuest deemed on Strava as- and I quote- “the BEST PrimeTime yet”. Also shout out to @Snooki for his patriotic Strava post that was well-timed, @Soul Glo for continuing his tradition of pre and post running to #ao-primetime , and @Fertile Myrtle because I haven’t mentioned him yet. 😉
Kwambine on Saturday- #ao-armory takes a field trip to Port Royal Park, be there at 5:30 to stretch.
#beaconhill Friday instead of muscle beach

@MapQuest father in law
All those pax with ailments or sickness
The strife around the world- hurricane victims, those who lost their lives in Afghanistan

Moleskin: we tend to be intentional when it comes to lifting up our family, our F3 brothers, our Ms, but the challenge laid out to the pax is to do something above and beyond for a complete stranger in the next few days. Just like the pax, you never know when someone might need to hear some kind words, a helping hand, or a random act of kindness. Be intentional of your pursuit of this in the next few days- seek it out and I assure you the opportunity will present itself.
Love you guys, thanks for the honor of leading you this week!
Kwame OUT

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