Fort Pain – 6.10.2020

TL:DR “Put your butt down and look Ragdoll in the eyes” 
14 men showed up to Fort Pain. 2 of them realized the name isn’t a misnomer. 
@Lone Star @Joey Freshwater @Cosmo @ragdoll @Aladdin @Tiny Dancer @Pancreas @Heidi @Doggy Doo @toastmaster
• 20 SSH in cadence
• 20 Strawberry pickers with an attempt at cadence, OYO
• 10 WMH OYO
• 10 GMing’s
• 5 Lung reaches ea side
• Runner Lunge ea side
• {FNG showed up in the knick of time} Indian Run half way around the Sarah Benson loop, back pair does a burpee and sprints to the front, triggering the following burpstar to proceed.
• Bear Crawl Mountain (what the Q thought was a tad bit shorter from the gloom memory – oh well)
• Partner #1 planks, #2 jumps over and back, burps, sprints up the hill and bear crawls back, while #1 waits in plank, shoulder tap, or up downs. 5 ea. 
• Line moved up because @Aladin’s carpet ran out of gas.
{Mosie to the bottom of hill}
• Dora
• Partner #1 is running to speed limit sign and back, #2 is exercising. Counting to 100 merks, 150 squats. 
• The Q at this point had a standing ovation from the peanut butter gallery at the efficacy of the group gathering activities.
• Mary
• Three….four…six count Slo-Mo Freddie Mercs – probably did 10?
• 4 count big-boy-sit ups.
• 1 minute plank to finish near perfect to approved quitting time. 
Welcome @Barnacle who would rather be playing flip cup and @MacGruber who is building everyone customer tomato planters.
It was a pleasure leading today men. Thank you for pushing me and letting @Heidi be a part of the gang.

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