Armory Pivots – 6.13.2020

PAX: @toastmaster, @Heidi, @Kwame, @Lone Star, @Pancreas, @Bogo, @Cosmo, @Joey Freshwater, @Operation, @Snooki, @Dizzy Gillespie, @Ron Swanson, YHC (QIC)

Welcome back, @Dizzy Gillespie!!!

Mosey to flag


50 ssh
15 merkins
15 squats
Runners stretch
4 Willie Mays Hayes
10 BAC’s fwd and back

YHC had to scrap his workout because, despite my reliable intel to the contrary, the tape was still up on the playground. Time to pivot and pull a beatdown out of thin air.

Thang 1 –
AAMRAP for 12 min:

Modified Caz Hero WOD
23 squats
7 burpees
14 merkins

(I have to do the full version some day. Even 12 minutes without runs was sneaky tough).

Thang 2 – wet DORA

100 dips
200 sit-ups
200 iron mikes – each leg is 1
Non running partner ran to creek and did 5 creek burpees (so refreshing)

Mary with 20 merkins after each exercise

American hammers
Happy crunchy frogs
Bogo prom dates
– Crucible is August 1! Mark your calendars!

Prayers for @Kwame and his family’s travels to michigan, @robocall and his M, @BigBang’s 2.0.

Moleskin: Always be ready to pivot. Gen. Patton once said that no plan survived contact with the enemy. Have a backup plan!

It’s always an honor to lead. It’s been an incredible 2 years with F3. Here’s to many more!
TD out

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