Cosmo’s D-Day – 6.06.2020

11 PAX turned out on D-Day for Cosmo’s VQ!
PAX: @Pancreas @Heidi @ragdoll @Kwame @Ron Swanson @Operation @Lone Star @Gecko (FNG) @Toastmaster (FNG
QIC: @Cosmo
Warm Up
25 SSHs
25 Good Mornings (Here I realized my notes were wrong)
25 Seconds of Willie Mays Hayes
25 Seconds of Abe Vigodas
1 Apollo Ohno
101 total for the 101st Airborne Division who dropped into France before D-Day.
Mosey to Flag
Cosmo’s D-Day/Curahee Ladder
10 Spider-Man Merkins or Burpees
Take a 0.5 Mile Lap
Add in 20 Squats
Take a Lap
Add in 30 Overhead Presses
Take a Lap
Add in 40 Flutterkicks (2 count)
Take a Lap
Add in 50 LBCs
Take a Lap
Add in 60 SSHs
Take a Lap
Extra Credit: Punish yourself in an exercise of your choosing.
Mosey back to parking lot and that’s time!
3 miles today. 101st famously trained in Toccoa, GA before shipping off to England for Normandy Invasion prep. At Toccoa they ran/rucked Curahee Mountain which was notoriously “3 Miles Up, 3 Miles Down.”
Two lessons today.
1) D-Day at the end of Day 1 was not a success. The allies had not captured the major objectives of St. Lo or Carentan and had only linked up two of the landing beaches. The small beachheads they had secured were tenuous. General Eisenhower also wrote a letter in the days prior accepting responsibility for a completely failed invasion.
It takes courage and bravery to do challenging things, even when you know failure might be the odds-on favorite. But that is what separates casual observers from, President Roosevelt put it, “the man in the arena.”
Also, it takes grit to not accept failure as an option. In the coming days and weeks, the allies would claw and fight in the hedgerows of France for every inch of soil. While D-Day wasn’t the success hoped/planned for, you need grit to keep pushing and soon enough allied forces entered Paris, the first liberation of Western Europe and the first nail in the Nazi coffin of European tyranny.
2) 3 Miles Up is hard. It takes grit to wake up at 5:30 and go workout. It takes grit to know you may never finish first, but by god you’re going to finish. But, once you’ve gone 3 miles up, you’ve only got 3 miles downhill to go.
Announcements: @Pancreas has posted about the planned Crucible. Be there or be square. @Foosball has the Q on Weds at #fort-pain. Let’s keep grinding them HCs.
Prayer Requests
@Lone Star’s company recently laid off some of their workers and for small companies, that’s like letting go of family. Tough times economically for a lot of folks, let’s ask for support and guidance.
@Toastmaster’s newborn has an appointment on Monday about keeping food down. Praying for good health, answers, and guidance.
Above all, all of us understanding that His plan is sovereign.
Great job all for my VQ!

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