Black Ops Run – 10.13.2021


Q: @Yaris6
Pax: @Buckeye @OPIE @Green Acres @Tijuana @2Buck

Good morning Gentlemen welcome to F3
F3 stand for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.
Leta get started with a warmarama20 side straddle hops
Willie May’s Hayes
Runner stretch
Good mornings on oyo

The Thang:
You know the drill men. Run up the big hill be back by 6:15.
I took a different rout and experienced a little more wild life this morning.


Tn Tussle training on Fridays
5k next weekend.

Dealing with the pressure of this transition in my life. I have learned to take the difficult situations and turn them in to lessons. Rely on God instead of my self to get through those situations. It always makes it worse when I try to handle it by my self. F3 is here to for other men for you to lean on in hard times. Please utilize these men to get you through those hard times. It has changed my life.

I love each of you men. Yaris out.

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