Field of Screams – 10.21.20

9 HIM stepped out of the darkness and onto the Field of Screams for a Fall Classic beatdown.
@Heidi @Rudolph @Dizzy Gillespie @Kwame @Joey Freshwater @Lone Star @Operation @Peewee Pancreas QiC
General warmup exercises including slow and fast-paced mtn climbers and SSH’s
HIM skips toward the gate and back to the shovel flag
Lined up at crosswalk and did Indigenous People Bear Crawl Sprints. One round got us near the baseball field but we moseyed to the cars and back to retrieve the baseball bat
I led the PAX to the backstop at the base of the grass field below PeeWee’s playhouse. There we discovered the  BOX OF PAIN 
Each batter took a turn stepping up to the plate for the Home Run contest with @Lone Star on the mound. Batter swung the bat and ran the bases, which was the perimeter of the grass area, up to the light at the top of the hill and back down. This took a couple of minutes each.
All the rest of the team was in the batter’s box doing the exercise pulled from the BOX OF PAIN List of exercises:
Al Gore w/ alternating calf raises
Starfish Merkins
Apollo Ohno’s (with @Kwame at mach speed)
Plank tricep extensions
Iron Mikes
Crawl Bear Crawls
With time running short, YHC grabbed the bags of soil and sand that were mysteriously placed near the field and set them up.
Split into teams, we did 3 rounds each of Pancreas’ Signature bag drags and pushes. When not on the bag, the other team did:
Sumo Jump Squats
Flutter kicks
Shoulder Tap back slaps (planking)
American Hammers
Since @Heidi and I didn’t get to bat and run the bases, I didn’t want to shortchange him, so I made him run with me to the top of the hill and back after COT. You’re welcome.
Gauntlet 10/31, 24hr Marathon 11/13, TurkeyPath is Thanksgiving morning!
@Dizzy Gillespie’s ankle injury
Traveling mercies for @Lone Star and @Joey Freshwater
Joey’s son Jimmy to make wise decisions and find direction in life
@2Buck and family for their move to TN
Verses in Acts 11 and Matthew 5 and 6 have been sticking with me lately. I want to be a man who has urgency to share the Gospel with everyone, love my enemies (and difficult people), and not store up my treasures here in earth, but place my treasure (and my heart) in Heaven.

Thanks for allowing me to lead, brothers!

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