Fortification Friday – 10.23.2020

Four strong PAX threw around some weights this morning at #fortificationfriday! @Tiny Dancer, @Chowdah, @Foosball, and YHC.
Warmin Up
Good mornings
Lunges OYO
Slow merkins IC
Slow squats OYO
Mountain climbers
Lateral arm raises
Kill the bag
Incline skull crushers
Ruck merkins
Tire swing planks
Squats n overhead press
Weighted leg raises
Straight arm hold w/token
Throw token, long jump to it, merkin on it
Calve raises holding the bag
Circle up and…
Weighted american hammers
Lemon squeezers
Spider-Man planks
LBCs while pinned by the bag (wrestlemanias?)
F3 dads camp out Saturday (tomorrow)
Gauntlet on Halloween…let’s get those clown cars filled up!

Praise for @Foosball’s new daughter Amelia sleeping well
Prayers for @Chowdah’s wife who is having a hard time in a temp position at work

I was reminded while headlamping ToT at 5:30AM last weekend that sometimes in life we can only see one stride ahead of where we currently are. It’s scary to be running full speed ahead without being able to see farther down the road, but living by faith can sometimes mean living one stride at a time…

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