Kwame’s Ring O’ Fire – 10.24.20

9 HIMs endured the wet and cold this morning for the road trip to @Foosball’s house. Great host, and he was joined by: @Chowdah @Operation @Pancreas @Ron Swanson @Rudolph @Three’s Company @Timeshare and YHC

Good mornings OYO
Imperial walkers
Runners stretch

Burpee Heritage Run ~.6 miles (I was called on this, it’s apparently called the Catch Me If You Can- thanks a lot @Operation :kissing_heart:) to the clubhouse.

Today’s not so secret word was FIRE! Anytime the pax heard YHC yell out FIRE! everyone had to stop, drop and roll to put themselves out. The original idea was to honor former firefighter (not an actual former firefighter) @Dizzy Gillespie, but since he was DR, we honored former firefighter (not an actual former firefighter) @Foosball.
Pax circled up for a rousing listen to Prodigy’s Firestarter to kick off the start of the fire. Each time the song said FIRE! We SD and R (stop drop and roll). In between we rotated through 4 exercises: high knees, jump squats (which I mistakenly referred to as squat thrusters), fast feet, and Iron Mikes. Pax realized how wet the ground was, thus guaranteeing the need to launder apparel afterwards.

We then broke into pairs for a battle royale style bear crawls, crawl bears, then both sides of the wheel barrow. You started diagonally from your partner, forcing you to cross paths demo derby style with the other pairs. It got ugly. By ugly I mean hilarious and a lot of fun. 2nd round we used these 4: lungewalk, HIM skips, John Woodens, and broad jumps. Bonus 3rd round we took fan favorites bear crawls, him skips, John woodens and broad jumps.

One last circle up for Jimi Hendrix’ Fire (same 4: high knees, jump squats, fast feet and iron mikes)

Back to Foosballs house via Burpee Heritage Run

Plenty of time for SQUATPOCALYPSE: suicide squats, pistol squats, a game of Duck Duck Al Gore.

Choose Your Mary: merkins, flutter kicks, Alabama prom dates, TIME.

Gauntlet, Halloween Saturday- clown car from Kroger leaving at 4:30
24Hr Marathon- Friday, November 13th, 6pm
TurkeyPath- thanksgiving morning

Prayer Requests
•Prayers for Chowdah’s coworkers unexpected death (Natalie) and peace and love to their family
•Prayers for Operation’s M Meghan as she awaits bloodwork tests
•coworkers of Ron Swanson for their health


One of the strongest messages in all the Bible is the truth that God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. It is a message so important that it appears three times in Scripture, first in Proverbs 3:34, and then twice repeated in the New Testament by James and Peter.
Pursue humility and grace, they go a long way towards really honoring God’s mission for us to live a life like Jesus.

Great work today everybody- I hope it was equal parts tough and fun! I’m proud to take my turn in leading you men. It is truly an honor.

SYITG, Kwame

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