Citadel – 7.19.21

6 PAX came out to play in the rain at The Citadel this morning.
@Joey Freshwater , @Winger (Bill Diebenow)@Corncob@Pancreas@Heidi (QIC), and welcome @Aflac who just moved down from F3 Naperville!
SSH, Squats, WMH, BACs
Thang 1:
Grit-Lab Challenge
The Q has missed out on a few #grit-lab sessions this month, so it’s time to catch up.
30 second on/30 second off of the following:
4 rounds of mountain climbers
4 rounds of high knees
Thang 2:
Burpees & Bears
Mosey from the parking lot out to the main street and over to the roundabout, stopping a few times along the way for:
2 burpees
4 burpees
6 burpees
At the roundabout we bear crawled the brick path around the fountain, and then did a quick 50 burpee/bear crawl Dora
@Pancreas was really wanting to play in the fountain, but we had to move on.
Mosey back to the parking lot, stopping along the way for:
8 burpees
10 burpees
Thang 3:
Road Cones!
4 Cones were set up in the back parking lot, and we took multiple trips navigating them:
Apple Turnover – PAX would bear crawl to the first cone, then flip to the crab walk to the 2nd cone, back to the bear crawl, flip crab walk to the last cone. Then turn around and RnR back to the start point.
PAX would then sprint to the first cone, politician back, sprint to second cone, politician back, and RnR for all 4 cones. Twice.
Thang 1, Part II:
Repeat of the Grit-Lab Challenge
30 second on/30 second off of the following:
4 rounds of mountain climbers
4 rounds of high knees
Puddle Work!
@Pancreas had been eyeing an ankle deep puddle in the parking lot, so we waded in and finished up with 20 LBCs and 20 Super Mans in the puddle.
Our evening Prime Time run starts this Wednesday at 7PM at Longview
Upcoming CSAUPS: Warpath is this Saturday, SOG is August 7th, Crucible is August 21st
@Chowdah M with lupas
@Offsides M & family at the loss of her father
@Yaris and his marriage
@Pancreas has a neighbor who got the word his father is critical condition
Left it in the car so I skipped it.
Great work today PAX! You got wet and got it over with, it’s all uphill from there. It was the perfect rainy start to the week.
SYITG, Heidi

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