Roughnecks – 7.19.21

10 HIMs showed up in the early morning rain and gloom to do difficult things.
PAX: @Three’s Company @MapQuest @Hot Mic @Mulligan @2Buck @Bubba Gump @Lone Star @Rudolph @Kwame
Q: @Ginsu
10 BACs
10 Abe Vigodas
Runners Stretch L/R OYO
Q used this time to explain how the thang was going to work
Get to know your ruck edition EMOM
Goal is to complete at least 20 reps per minute, more if you can
1 – Ruck On – ‘Merkins (not Push ups)
2 – Ruck Off – Ruck Swings
3 – Ruck Off – Ground to Overhead (ruck from ground to overhead)
4 – Ruck On – Get Down/Get Up (lay on back, stand up, repeat)
5 – Ruck Off – Overhead Press (be sure to lock out arms at top)
6 – Ruck On – Squats
7 – Ruck Off – Curls
8 – Rest
Repeat 5 times (40 minutes total)Still time on the clock:
20 – 4 ct Flutter Kicks, rucks held above chest
20 sec plank to time
Roughneck CSAUP Aug 7 (2 weeks)
New running AO starts Wed night at Longview
@Chowdah running to raising money for Lupis
Check slack for others and more detail
Prayer Requests:
@2Buck – Interview today at 11am
@Offsides – Father in Law passing
@Baby Gap
Difficult Things
We all have difficult things in our lives.  F3 is a tangible example of achieving success and pushing the bar of difficulty farther away from us.  How many of us, if asked pre-F3, would have thought we’d be getting up before the crack of dawn, in the rain/cold/snow/heat/whatever, pushing ourselves to workout and do these difficult things we do?  I know I would have laughed and said you’re crazy!  But here we are, doing these difficult things and each time, that line of difficult gets pushed further back.  What once seemed insurmountable is not just a thing that needs to be done.
This can and does press out into all aspects of our lives.  Family, Work, Diet, Relationships, and all the other things that make up our lives.  We are faced with difficult situations that may seem insurmountable at the time. However, when we call on our Lord, when we push through those difficult things, when we come out on the other side, we see that we are still here and stronger for the effort.  Through the Lord, we can and do get through these difficult things and push that line of difficult further back.  We strengthen and build our resistance to the tough times, knowing we can and will endure.
As always, it’s an honor to work along side you men!
@Ginsu out.

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