Cannonball Run 2021 Backblast

30 HIM, from ages 15 to 55, came out to celebrate Fort Pain’s 1 year anniversary with the Cannonball Run!
The festivities started at 4:45 AM with @Kwame’s stretching pre-party.  Then we kicked off Cannonball Run at 5 AM sharp!  We incorporated our warm up in with the mosey to the first AO, so we started off with a few warm up moves at Fort Pain then moseyed to the post office for another couple of warm up moves, and finally over to Thompson’s Station Church parking lot to circle up for a final set of warm ups.  Then we moseyed through the parking lot to the first pain station, where we noticed the Sheriff’s Deputy hanging out and watching us.  Look sharp, guys, we’re on camera!
@Fertile Myrtle’s Parking Lot Beatdown
Everyone selects a coupon of their liking from the ditch
Plank shoulder touches at anytime waiting on 6
10 Pain killers
Murder bunny to line/ mosey back
20 Big boys
Goblet squat walk out and back
30 curls
Politicians all the way across lot and back
30 overhead press
Goblet lunge out and back
Grip rip and rolls for time.
From here, we moseyed to the TRAPP, stopping at the Thompson’s Station depot for a speedbump.  At the TRAPP we moseyed to the top of Sunrise Hill, where @Heidi surprised everyone with a homemade cannonball! (Thanks to @Sully)  We then split into 2 groups where rotated through the following AMRAPs
– 3 minutes of American Hammers (while passing the cannonball around)
– 3 minutes of Merkins
– 3 minutes of Big Boy Situps
Heidi then rolled the cannonball down the hill while everyone chased it.  We we got to the bottom, it was 5 burpees and then bear crawl back up to the top of the hill.  When the overachievers reached the top, they got to go back down and bear crawl along side any PAX that were still going.  No man left behind!
After pausing for a quick photo-op at the top of the hill, we moseyed back to the TRAPP parking lot and back over to Fort Pain.  There we took a few minutes for a hydration break, and some of the PAX had to pre-vac.  After that, we headed up into the hills to the Green Monster, were we found:
@Cosmo Brought The Box of Pain
A card is drawn randomly(ish) out of the infamous Box of Pain. Each card has a mode of transportation and an exercise.
PAX partners up. Partner 1 does a mode of transportation up the Green Monster while Partner 2 does the exercise. Once Partner 1 gets to the summit, he does the exercise while Partner 2 does the mode of transportation up. PAX then descends together for rinse and repeat until time. We got through 3 rounds.
1)  Broad Jumps / Overhead Presses
2) Lunge Walks / Mountain Climbers
3) Sprints / Burpees
We then hit the trails and wandered for a bit, before winding up at the Heritage Elementary playground for:
@Peewee’s Heritage Elementary Beatdown:
-Split the PAX into two unequally sized groups.
-Fit as many PAX as feasible across the baseline of the basketball court
-the rest of the PAX went to the playground
Basketball court group:
Burpee broad jumps to half court, backwards crab walk the rest of the way
Playground group:
5  pull-ups or modification
10 derkins
15 LBCs
20 SSH
After you finish whichever workout (court or playground) you started on, you switch to the other.
Rinse & repeat until time!
Back to the trails!  Twisting and turning and wondering if we were lost for good when we finally made it to @Dizzy Gillespie’s beatdown at:
Bear crawl for fun
Crab walk a bit farther but modify to reverse crab walk so you don’t fall in a hole.
Get to the concrete and politician to the top. Once you get to the top it becomes a lot easier to run backwards.
I cut a few things out because we were pressed for time. It was tons of fun
From there it was back to Fort Pain’s Field Of Pain, with a quick regroup at the Playhouse along the way.  We then made it to the last pain station, which was:
@Operation’s Field of Dreams
Split PAX into 4 groups, one for each corner of a square. Group 1 does 10 burpees then goes to corner 2, then group 2 goes to corner 3, and so on until group 4 ends at corner 1 and the circuit starts over. It’s relay style, so only one group is moving at a time. Each corner has a different exercise to be performed by the group at that corner while waiting to be “bumped” to the next corner.3 corner exercises after the starting burpees were J-Los, atomic merkins, and WWIs. There were 4 rounds (so everyone got a chance at each corner), each with a different mode of transportation: bear crawl, duck walk, crab walk, and burpee broad jumps.
We circled up at the flag for thanks, announcements, and prayers.  There we 2 announcements that I want to also post here:
1. F3SH will be hosting a Convergence on March 27 where Franklin and Nolensville will be coming to work out with us.  This will take place at a regular Armory beatdown, although it will be extended to 1.5-2 hours.  I’m working out the details with Lone Star, so stay tuned for more.
2. With the changing of the guard last Monday, and me taking over as 1st F Chair, I decided to turn Fort Pain over to @Operation.  He has been at Fort Pain since the beginning.  Even before Fort Pain was a thing, he and I would meet up there during the week and work out on our own in the dark, the cold, and the rain.  I know he will proudly carry on the Fort Pain flag and I look forward to seeing the AO flourish under his charge.  Congratulation Op!
As I said at COT, I want to thank everyone who came out and pushed themselves, and for the pain station Q’s for making this such a great event!  We had an awesome turn out and a great time, and I’m already looking forward to doing it again.
Heidi out, SYITG

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