Armory – 3.28.2020

The Staggered Socially Distant Relay/Dora Like No Contact Workout

10 PAX hit it hard this morning at The Armory! @Tiny Dancer @Lone Star @Cosmo @Ron Swanson @Operation @Bogo, FNG Danny (No Five), and the triumphant return of @Pancreas and @TheChilliCoffee
QIC: Heidi

10 WMH
10 Cherry Pickers

Mosey to flagpole
25 Merkins
25 LBCs

Mosey to picnic tables
25 Merkins
25 LBCs

Mosey around to parking lot
25 Merkins
25 LBCs

Burpee Broadjump across small parking lot
25 Merkins
25 LBCs

Bear Crawl back across full parking lot
25 Merkins
25 LBCs

Mosey to flagpole
25 Merkins
25 LBCs

Mosey back to picnic tables
25 Merkins
25 LBCs
Split into 2 groups to stagger the PAX (social distancing at it’s finest! OK, it maybe should have been 3 groups…)
RnR AMRAP Until Q called it around the 45 minute mark

Split into 3 groups (see? I’m getting this figured out!), each group doing one of the following, together in cadence, then rotating until each group had done all 3.
25 SSH in the grass
25 American Hammers in the parking lot (or the grass if the pavement hurt your little tooshy)
25 Dips on the picnic tables

@Pancreas was complaining because he wasn’t dirty, so we got in the grass to do football sprints and rolls.Just enough time left for a short half round of Mary!

Due to the recent changes in most everyone’s schedule, Fort Pain is moving to 6AM starting THIS WEEK. Any Black Ops AOs will be at 6AM as well.
The Crucible CSAUP is still on schedule for April 25th!
Praise for our nation’s medical community who are stepping up in this time of need!

Prayer Requests:
The current state of the world and our nation.
Our families survival in being cooped up in the house together all day every day!
@Ron Swanson‘s M and any others that may be facing illnesses.

Great job this morning, men! I LOVED seeing so many of you coming out from under the beds to hit it hard in person. As recently stated on the F3 Nation website:
“F3 doesn’t close. The sun doesn’t set here. (Heck, it barely rises by the time most of us are several hours into our days). AOs may close. Schools may close. Parks may close. The government may impose restrictions that challenge our creativity, but you men are proving hour by hour that you are past all that. The external world can close entirely, and you (like the Marines) will improvise, adapt, and overcome.”


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