Because BOGO Says So! – 9.10.2020

8 HIM went out to #the-trapp today and ran 2.8 miles with multiple speed bumps.

@Kwame @Pancreas @Three’s Company @Dead Leg @Peewee @ragdoll (his first time at the TRAPP) @Gremlin and YHC.
We started with some SSH to warm up, Cherry pickers :cherries: for @Pancreas , some light stretching. Then the buy in to get started was 50 squats.

From there we ran to the top of the main hill and did 50 merkins.

Run through the woods. When we came out of tree cover we lunge walked to the barn, and then bear crawl the 100ft or so to the intersection.

Run back up the gravel path and then politician back up the main hill.

Here we stopped for a minute to let @ragdoll take in the sunrise view (see pics in #the-trapp ) and get a group pic.

Run back to the parking lot.

We have a date for the 24 hour marathon! If you haven’t already, hopefully @Kwame can get some deets in a channel just for it?

Fortification Friday is tomorrow… right?

Saturday is VQ for @Three’s Company at #the-armory 

Prayers for the fires out west, @Kwame wife who is going through things and needs support, schools that are back in swing.

I have missed a lot lately (won’t miss the VQ this weekend though!) and I appreciate everyone being willing to do a more varied run with me this morning to make up for it. I didn’t really give a choice. But I’m still thankful.

@Bogo out

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